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Quantum Toolbox in Python

QuTiP News

June 7, 2021

2021 Google Summer of Code Project Updates

March 18, 2021

Technical Staff Position for QuTiP Available at RIKEN

March 15, 2021

QuTiP applies to Google Summer of Code 2021 under the NumFOCUS organization.

June 22, 2020

2020 Google Summer of Code Project Updates

April 6, 2020

Unitary Fund supports QuTiP development through remote mentorships.

March 16, 2020

Student applications open for Google Summer of Code 2020.

December 12, 2019

Krotov is a new quantum optimal control library built on top of QuTiP.

November 31, 2019

QuTiP is listed as an available project in Kharagpur Winter of Code for Indian Institute of Technology students

September 11, 2019

QuTiP features for quantum information science are presented in a talk at IQIS 2019 in Milan, Italy

September 3-4, 2019

QuTiP joins the European open-source community of scientist using Python at EuroScipy 2019 in Bilbao, Spain

July 23, 2019

Two students working on QuTiP projects for Google Summer of Code

July 3, 2019

QuTiP 4.4.0 is released. Available with conda and pip.

June 25, 2019

An interactive course on QuTiP and open source for physicists is taught at ICTP Trieste, Italy

March 19, 2019

QuTiP Poster Presented at the Coherent Network Computing Conference in Atsugi, Japan

March 1, 2019

QuTiP Participates to Google Summer of Code 2019 trough NumFOCUS

February 21, 2019

First QuTiP Developers Workshop Held at RIKEN on February 19-21, 2019

Feruary 2, 2019

QuTiP is Presented at FOSDEM 2019 in Bruxelles, Belgium

January 26, 2019

QuTiP is Presented in an Invited Talk at the RIKEN Berkeley Workshop on Quantum Information Science

January 9, 2019

QuTiP is Featured on Nature's Physics Blog

November 19, 2018

QuTiP Featured in a Talk at PyData 2018 in Warsaw, Poland

August 31, 2018

QuTiP is Presented at a European Meeting of Researchers Using Python, Trento, Italy

June 3, 2018

QuTiP Featured at the ImPACT School on Interdisciplinary Quantum Physics and Computer Science, Toyama, Japan

April 26, 2018

QuTiP Joins NumFOCUS as Affiliated Project

October 12, 2017

QuTiP Used in Back-to-back Articles in this Week's Science Magazine

September 23, 2017

Interview with the QuTiP Developers - PODCAST.__INIT__

June 13, 2017

QuTiP Reaches 300 Journal Paper Benchmark

March 27, 2017

QuTiP Used to Simulate Perfect Quantum State Transfer Over Noisy Transmission Lines

March 13, 2017

Quantum Algorithm Programmed with QuTiP Classifies 9,500 Handwritten Numbers

March 9, 2017

QuTiP Mentioned in The Economist Technology Quarterly on Quantum Technologies

March 7, 2017

QuTiP Now an Essential Qualification to Work at US National Labs

December 1, 2016

QuTiP Highlighted in UK Quantum Technology Program's "Commercial Prospects for Quantum Computing"

August 2, 2016

QuTiP Reaches 200 Journal Paper Benchmark

May 3, 2015

QuTiP Reaches 100 Journal Paper Benchmark

February 4, 2015

QuTiP Highlighted in Nature's `Programming: Pick up Python'