Guide Overview

The goal of this guide is to introduce you to the basic structures and functions that make up QuTiP. This guide is divided up into several sections, each highlighting a specific set of functionalities. In combination with the examples that can be found on the project web page, this guide should provide a more or less complete overview. In addition, the API documentation for each function is located at the end of this guide.


QuTiP is designed to be a general framework for solving quantum mechanics problems such as systems composed of few-level quantum systems and harmonic oscillators. To this end, QuTiP is built from a large (and ever growing) library of functions and classes; from qutip.states.basis to qutip.wigner. The general organization of QuTiP, highlighting the important API available to the user, is shown in the figure-qutip_org


Tree-diagram of the 361 user accessible functions and classes in QuTiP 4.4. A vector image of the code tree is in qutip_tree.pdf.