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Quantum Toolbox in Python

Tutorials for QuTiP Version 5

This page contains our collection of Jupyter (formerly IPython) notebooks for introducing and demonstrating features of QuTiP. Going through these notebooks should be a good way to get familiarized with the software. If you are new to scientific computing with Python, you might also find it useful to have a look at these IPython notebook Lectures on scientific computing with Python.

This are the tutorials for QuTiP Version 5. You can find the tutorials for QuTiP Version 4 here.

The following are the contents of this page:

Example notebooks

These notebooks demonstrate and introduce specific functionality in QuTiP.

Time evolution

Optimal control


Permutational invariant Lindblad dynamics

Hierarchical Equations of Motion


If you would like to contribute a notebook or report a bug, you may open an issue or pull request in the qutip-tutorials GitHub repository.

A few of the notebooks are still maintained in the repository qutip-notebooks and a complete archive of older versions of the tutorials is maintained there.