Lead Developers

Robert Johansson (RIKEN)

Paul Nation (Korea University)



Anyone is welcome to contribute to QuTiP. If you are interested in helping, please let us know!

alexbrc (github user) - Code contributor

Alexander Pitchford (Aberystwyth University) - Code contributor

Amit Jamadagni - Bug fix

Anders Lund (Technical University of Denmark) - Bug hunting for the Monte-Carlo solver

Andre Carvalho - Bug hunter

André Xuereb (University of Hannover) - Bug hunter

Anubhav Vardhan (IIT, Kanpur) - Bug hunter, Code contributor, Documentation

Arne Grimsmo (University of Auckland) - Bug hunter, Code contributor

Ben Criger (Waterloo IQC) - Code contributor

Bredan Abolins (Berkeley) - Bug hunter

Chris Granade - Code contributor

Claudia Degrandi (Yale University) - Documentation

Dawid Crivelli - Bug hunter

Denis Vasilyev (St. Petersburg State University) - Code contributor

Dong Zhou (Yale University) - Bug hunter

Florian Ong (Institute for Quantum Computation) - Bug hunter

Frank Schima - Macports packaging

Henri Nielsen (Technical University of Denmark) - Bug hunter

Hwajung Kang (Systems Biology Institute, Tokyo) - Suggestions for improving Bloch class

James Clemens (Miami University - Ohio) - Bug hunter

Johannes Feist - Code contributor

Jonas Hörsch - Code contributor

Jonas Neergaard-Nielsen (Technical University of Denmark) - Code contributor, Windows support

JP Hadden (University of Bristol) - Code contributor, improved Bloch sphere visualization

Kevin Fischer (Stanford) - Code contributor

Laurence Stant - Documentation

Markus Baden (Centre for Quantum Technologies, Singapore) - Code contributor, Documentation

Myung-Joong Hwang (Pohang University of Science and Technology) - Bug hunter

Neill Lambert (RIKEN) - Code contributor, Windows support

Nikolas Tezak (Stanford) - Code contributor

Per Nielsen (Technical University of Denmark) - Bug hunter, Code contributor

Piotr Migdał (ICFO) - Code contributor

Reinier Heeres (Yale University) - Code contributor

Robert Jördens (NIST) - Linux packaging

Simon Whalen - Code contributor

W.M. Witzel - Bug hunter